Our Residential Care residents get the freedoms of everyday life, while knowing they have the assistance they need to complete daily tasks. Our residential care community receives all required nursing services and assistance.


Beauty and Barber Shop

We have an independently owned and operated beauty salon located within our community. The salon offers hair and cosmetic services to both men and women.  Whether you have family coming in town or you just want to get a touch-up, appointments are easily made directly with the salon.


Dining Services

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Emergency Assistance

An emergency wireless pendant has been provided for you if you fall, have chest pain, or become suddenly ill and cannot call the main number. Please use this device for emergencies only.

Health Records

We maintain a separate health record on each of our residents (except for our Independent Residents) which may contain medical and other personal information. All your information and records are confidential and we will not release them without your written consent or the consent of your legal representative. However our state licensing agency has the authority to examine these records as part of their evaluation of our community.

You also have the right to review your records or authorize your representative or family members to review them for you



Our staff will clean your apartment one time each week, which includes dusting, vacuuming, empting trash, sanitizing your bathroom.  Laundry includes towels linens and personal items.



You will be issued one apartment key and one mailbox key when you move in. If your key is lost or misplaced, you can get a new one for a minimal fee of $5.00.


Life Line Pendant

You will be given a Lifeline pendant, which is a wireless emergency call alert. This pendant is free for you to use while you are a resident at Autumn Ridge. Your safety is extremely important to us and we want you to know you have an additional reassurance of that safety.



Washers and dryers are conveniently located on the second and third floor. If you need help accessing the machines, we are more than happy to assist you.



We can help you with general maintenance needs such as heating, cooling, plumbing, and if any overhead lights need replacing. If you have any other problems or questions you can always ask for a work order form from the staff.

Newsletter and Calendar of Events

The activity director publishes a monthly newsletter and calendar of events. You can find these on our website in the Amenities drop down tab or by clicking the Newsletter and Calendar of Events link above.

The newsletter and activity calendar will highlight the many planned events, and excursions. A posted activity calendar is posted in the lobby next to the elevator and extra copies of the newsletter are available from the activity director.



We have a preferred pharmacy to assist with your medications. Our pharmacy strives to have competitive prices and allows us to use a single dose bubble pack distribution system within our community. Our preferred pharmacy’s packaging system makes everything easier if we assist with your medications (Exception V.A. and Medicaid recipients).

Property of the Resident

Residents are encouraged to bring items from home to personalize their new apartments. We recommend that you keep insurance on your personal property and that you take all reasonable precautions safeguarding your possessions.


Resident Representatives

We have several councils and committees that represent you as a resident in your community.

Our Resident Council is made up of a group of interested residents who want to have a say in what is happening at the community. The Resident Council acts as a voice for the residents and their concerns.

The Resident Council meets once a month and the minutes are taken by the invited activity director as requested by the council.



For your safety and the safety of others you may not keep the following items in your apartment.

  • Firearms. Ammunition or other weapons
  • Dangerous, flammable items such as gasoline or kerosene any explosives of any kind.
  • Snakes, insects or other exotic animals or pets
  • Illegal drugs
  • Space heaters
  • Electric blankets, heating pads
  • Hot plates, electric skillets, toasters, coffee pots (That do not have an automatic 2 hour shut off) and, confection ovens.
  • Candles, open flames of any kind.
  • Other potentially hazardous substances or objects not specified but that could cause harm to you or others.


Autumn Ridge is a smoke free building,


For all those who do smoke, residents and visitors, you are required to smoke in the designated smoking area. This area is located outside the sitting room doors.

Private Sitters and Home Health

Sitters, companions, home health aides, and agency nurses are required to check in with the director of nurses and or the administrator for specifics on community policy and are required to abide by community policies.



We provide transportation to and from scheduled appointments. In the first thirty days of your admission, please coordinate with our driver to add your appointments into our transportation time line.